FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are the pitches for 1 person or 2?

Unfortunately the booking system we use is for hotels, so we can’t get around it requesting how many adults.  The pitches include your caravan, awning, electric hook-up, your car and 2 people.

Do you have any hard standing pitches?

We now have 3 hardstanding pitches available to book (subject to availability).  Pitch 7 (the largest) is between 2 mature Silver Birch trees.   We have also just installed 2 additional hard standing pitches (8 & 9) and extended the current CL area, so we don’t spoil the grass pitches.  Pitch 9 is only suitable for single axle caravans.

What is the mobile phone & mobile broadband signal like?

For those of you with 3 & 02 mobile connections, you should have a good signal, although 3 tends to be less reliable. 023

Note that we aren’t in a strong reception area for other network providers including EE and Vodafone.

Do you allow Motorhomes?

Yes, we can accommodate motorhomes up to 9m in length on the hardstanding pitches (subject to availability).

Can my dog run free?

Yes, we have a small area where you can let your dogs off the lead, we just have a few rules to keep everyone happy.

Is the TV & Satellite reception good?

Yes, our caravaners are having no problems with their TV & satellite signals.

What are the arrival and departure times?

Arrival Time: Anytime between 12pm & 8pm
Departure Time: Before 11am
This allows us an hour to cut the grass around the pitches and also to prevent caravans meeting each other down the farm track.

How many Amps are the Electric Hook Ups (EHU’s)?

Currently they are all 16 amp but please don’t use high wattage appliances to prevent the whole site from tripping out.  It is recommended that you use higher wattage items individually e.g. switch off your heater when you switch on the hot water and only use low wattage items, purposely made for caravaning.   The chart below gives examples of the approximate amps/watts for each individual item:

Appliance Watts Amps                       Appliance Watts Amps
Domestic Kettle 2.2 kW 9.2 Domestic Microwave 1200 5
Camping Kettle 750 3.2 Camping Microwave 750 3.2
Power supply/charger 125+ 0.5 – 1 Water Heater 750 3.2
Electric Heater 2 kW – 3 kW 8.3 – 12.5 Electric Toaster 1200 5
Television 70 – 150 0.6 Fridge 70 – 150 0.6
Air Conditioner 1 kW – 2 kW 4 – 8 Light Bulb 60 – 100 0.5
Hair Dryer 1.8 kW 7.5 Laptop computer 50 0.2
Electric Grill 2 kW 8.3 Fan or DVD player 50 – 100 0.2 – 0.4

Items marked in red are not recommended unless you use a low wattage version.

Always keep a torch handy and phone us if there are any problems.  Please help us to avoid having to reduce the EHU’s to 10 amp, thank you 🙂

Can I extend my stay and depart after 11am?

Please ask us (prior to your arrival) if you want to extend beyond 11am, as it may be possible so long as your pitch isn’t required and we aren’t expecting any caravans to arrive in the storage area.  All we ask is that you unplug from the electric supply and, if you wish, a donation in our Against Breast Cancer  tin.

Is there a Pub nearby?

Yes, there is the Drovers Arms, which is less than a mile away.  Although it is within easy walking distance, please be aware that the road can be fairly busy at certain times and traffic travels at a fair speed.  There is a public right of way, which is a longer route and will take around an hour.  The route isn’t used much and can be overgrown at the beginning, but you only need to walk along the side of the road for around 200 meters.   The track doesn’t have a sign but is unsurfaced Unclassified Road, as a minimum status it has footpath rights, see the image below:

Image showing the path to Skipwith