Very High – Tier 3 Alert Areas

Unfortunately you will be unable to stay on our CL site if you are travelling from a Tier 3 Area, please check on the Goverment Website for up-to-date information: or you can use your postcode to check.


We are open and currently in Tier 2 (Selby) and therefore need to follow guidelines to help prevent the spread of the Covid-19. We will try our best to avoid any spread of Covid-19 and for this we also need your help, so please wash your hands regularly and use your own hand sanitiser. For more infomation please see the Government guidelines: We will be sending a link to this page to anyone who has booked on our site:

Pre Arrival

  • Do not travel to the CL Site if anyone in your household, or someone you have been in close contact with, has COVID-19 symptoms
  • If possible pay via BACS, prior to or on the day of arrival (details can be found in the e-mail you will have received)
  • Please bring your own hand sanitiser, soap, gloves, toilet rolls (for your caravan), food/drinks and provisions etc
  • Please consider using your own onboard facilities to reduce the risk of using communal areas
  • The Facilities will be open and we will be cleaning them once a day. Please wash your hands and use the hand sanitiser on the outside of the building both on entry and exit
  • Visitors to the CL site – while we would discourage this in these circumstances, we will allow visitors as long as we are aware before they arrive.  Please ensure, wherever possible, they use your onboard facilities.  Obviously this will be subject to change if we get a local outbreak or from where visitors will be travelling from.   We will require the following information before their arrival:
    • Name
    • Address
    • Date of Visit
    • Contact phone number

Arrival at the CL Site

  • After following the directions on our website: pull through the metal gate and park in the Arrivals area on the left, just off the main track.  Walk to the CL site and choose your pitch.  We don’t mind which way round you pitch your caravan (South is in the direction of the Owl on the Dog Paddock fence). Please note the names and dates on any reserved pitches.
  • In the Cabin facilities you will find 2 toilets & 1 shower (it takes 20p or £1 coins).  Grey waste is to the left of the cabin and there are 2 drinking taps on the site, at opposite ends of the CL field.  Elsan point is accessed in a gap in the hedge (between first water tap and metal gate).  Waste & Recycling is on the left as you drive out before the house
  • Office – please do not enter, if I’m in the office I will come outside to discuss any queries you may have
  • Main Gate – this is usually locked at 9pm and opened at 9am. If you require access out of these hours please contact us via text 07736470462 or let us know if you see us.
  • QR Code – As per government requirement for track and trace we have a few QR codes displayed for you to scan to ‘check in’ to Field House Farm. You will need to download the app first, for further details see:

On the CL Site

Image showing pitch layout
Map showing the CL Layout
  • If you fall ill and suspect it may be Cornavirus
    • We can arrange to put your caravan into temporary storage, this is £1 per night and if we need to move your caravan there is a tow fee of £4 each way.  Please ensure we have your keys for any security devices and we can keep them in a key safe.
    • If you are unable to drive home please contact us to discuss any options.
  • Facilities:
    • Surfaces will be wiped with a surface spray that is recommend for the purpose daily.  Please continue to wash your hands after touching any surfaces
    • Do not enter the facilities if they are already occupied
    • Spare disposable gloves are provided if you require or forget your own, they are located in the information area of the cabin on the cupboard door
  • Hand Sanitisers are provided for you to use in the following locations:
    • Recycling & bin area
    • Outside the facilities
  • Taps,  EHU’s, gates & bins – please use hand sanitiser or wash your hands after touching any of these surfaces
  • There may be severely restricted opportunities to eat out at this time and you should be prepared to fully self-cater

We reserve the right, without prior notice, to amend any of the information above or impletement further changes on the CL Site following Governement or Caravan & Motorhome Club guidelines.