Additional Toilet

Image showing the cabin with the new toilet extension

New toilet extension to the cabin

Work has now completed on the second toilet, to the left of the cabin.  One of the comments by our caravaners was to have a second toilet or a toilet seperate from the shower.  So Stuart & Bill got to work on creating our own extension, as we couldn’t find one that was suitable.

We are very pleased with the results and hope our caravaners are too 🙂



Inside the new additional toilet extension



Dog Exercise Paddock

Our caravan site is dog friendly and we now have a new Image showing dog paddock next to Caravan Sitesmall area where you can let your dogs have a run off the lead.  The area does have 5 bar metal gates, so if your dog is small it may be able to crawl through.  Please avoid using the area if your dog isn’t well trained, as it may attempt to escape 🙂

We just have a few rules to keep everyone happy:

  1. Don’t leave your dogs unattended
  2. If someone else is using the paddock, please ask before you take your dog in the paddock (their dog may not be as social as yours)
  3. Clean up after your dog
  4. Please don’t climb, or lean over, the fence or gate
  5. Avoid using the paddock if your dog isn’t well trained, as it may attempt to escape

Thank you 🙂

Image showing Dog Paddock at Field House Farm CL